Signs of a stroke that cannot be ignored

Deterioration of vision, weakness in the extremities, severe headache, loss of balance, nausea, increased heart rate may be signs of stroke.

Doctors do not tire of reminding how important it is to recognize the symptoms of cardiovascular disease in time, because such knowledge can save a person’s life. Experts have listed the signs of a stroke that cannot be ignored.

Deterioration of vision

Most often, the picture in the eyes blurs, but possible partial loss of vision. If this happens suddenly, such a change cannot be ignored.

Fuzzy language

The victim can understand everything, but she is not able to speak sentences, to pronounce words clearly.

Weakness in the extremities

Paralysis or severe weakness in a stroke can affect the side of the body opposite the affected part of the brain. Ask the person to extend their arms forward – in the case of the brain, one of them will involuntarily begin to fall.

Dizziness, nausea, loss of balance

According to doctors, these signs of stroke are often missed because they do not cause associations with it.


Neurologists emphasize: you can not ignore any sudden severe pain. A sign of a stroke is often a headache, but it can also be felt in the chest, shoulders, arm, part of the face.


Stroke may be accompanied by a sharp increase in heart rate, accompanied by shortness of breath.


It is caused by lesions of the brain that control the functions of the respiratory system. A sign of a stroke may be a hiccup that does not last long.

Facial paralysis

Distorted facial expressions, a smile that involves only one part of the face – another signal that can not be ignored. Call an ambulance immediately if you notice this.