Encourage Kids to Trick-or-Treat

(Family Features) As kids set out with friends and neighbors on a quest for sweet treats and goodwill this Halloween, they can bring along a new gang – “The Peanuts Movie” gang, that is. This year, the iconic Trick-or-Treat for UNICEF campaign will celebrate its 65th anniversary by joining forces with another American favorite, Peanuts, which is also turning 65 this year.

“The Peanuts Movie” characters will encourage children to support Trick-or-Treat for UNICEF this Halloween by going door-to-door to collect donations for UNICEF’s lifesaving programs while they celebrate the spooky season. Read more

The Trick to Delicious Halloween-Inspired Treats

Candy Corn Pudding
Freaky French Toast

(Family Features) When the fall weather hits, every ghoul, ghost and goblin knows that Halloween is lurking around the corner. To get the whole family in the spirit this season, pick the perfect pumpkin, dress up in the scariest costumes and serve up these frightfully delicious treats.

The Freaky French Toast and Candy Corn Pudding are two kid-friendly dishes that are almost too spooky to eat. The secret ingredient is Limited Edition TruMoo Orange Scream milk. Inspired by an orange frozen pop with vanilla ice cream, this creamy orange milk will surely cast a spell on all those who taste it. Made with wholesome low-fat white milk with no artificial growth hormones or high fructose corn syrup and brought to you by your local, trusted dairy, it’s delicious and nutritious. Read more

Transitioning to the Next Phase of Living

(Family Features) Knowing when it’s time to move yourself or a loved one to a smaller or more accessible home, or even an assisted living center, can be tough. There are some signs that can help aid you in identifying when the time is right.

Factors such as age, health and living situation can be signals that it’s time to look for other living arrangements. For example, if your parents are over 70 years old and their house is more than 20 years old, there’s a good chance they struggle every day just to maintain their home.

For 81-year-old Ned Kraft, he knew the time was right to consider living elsewhere after suffering a broken leg in a fall. Living in a two-story home with his wife was no longer an option and Kraft felt an urgent need to move into something smaller and without stairs to be able to manage his family’s lifestyle and overall well-being. With simple upkeep and maintenance becoming difficult and close relatives and grandchildren nearby, living in a safer home environment became the top priority. Read more

Keep Your Trick-or-Treaters Safe and Seen on Halloween

(Family Features) Few holidays delight kids more than Halloween. At the same time, Halloween generates significant worry in parents and with sound reason. Halloween is the deadliest day of the year for young pedestrians. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, more than twice as many children are killed in pedestrian/vehicle incidents on Halloween between 4-10 p.m. compared to the same hours on the other days of the year.

Why are Halloween pedestrian fatalities so high? For more than 70 percent of kids who trick-or-treat door to door, it’s due to a dangerous combination of reduced daylight, preoccupied and unaccompanied kids in the streets, and bulky costumes that often make it difficult for oncoming drivers to see them. Read more

Healthier Living Made Easy

(Family Features) Living a healthy lifestyle can be a challenge when faced with a lack of time and the ease and availability of convenient foods. There’s no time like the present, however, to get your body in tip-top shape. The impact of good health on your quality of life, regardless of age or physical ability, can be far reaching. From controlling weight by eating right, even on a busy schedule, to making that smile shine a little brighter, use these ideas to help you become a happier, healthier you. Read more

Fright Night Favorites

(Family Features) Looking to add a little spooky flavor to your haunted celebration that is sure to keep all your little ghouls, ghosts and goblins in a festive mood? Look no further for the perfect ideas to dress up those Halloween treats.

Take your All Hallows’ Eve to the next level with these Halloween concoctions sure to delight.

How to Host the Perfect Spooky Gathering

Halloween is the perfect time to throw on a costume and act like a kid. Of course, you want friends and family there to partake in the spooky fun, too, so here are a few tips to make sure your party is remembered long after the witches put away their cauldrons: Read more

Protect Vision from Digital Devices

(Family Features) Digital communication has become an integral part of daily life. Smartphones and tablets are pocket-sized personal assistants with appointment reminders, news and a means of keeping in touch with family and friends. Living multi-screen lives may aide productivity, but eye health professionals are increasingly worried about the consequences of “digital vision.”

Over the past two years, time spent with digital devices has increased 49 percent, according to data from online measurement firm comScore. Handheld devices are leading the way: time using smartphones jumped 90 percent and tablets surged 64 percent. Read more

Snack Your Way to Smart Nutrition

(Family Features) Aspirations are high at the start of each new school year. From aiming for good grades to making a fresh commitment to better snack and lunch choices, it’s a time of year to set goals and start reaching for your big dreams. Serving up nutritious lunches and snacks is an easy start for heading down a successful path.

If the busy pace of back-to-school has you worried about making time to prepare lunches and snacks, you’ll be relieved to know that not all “fast” food is junk food. In fact, there are many ways to prepare delicious ready-in-minutes lunches and on-the-go snacks that the whole family will love. Read more